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Welcome to CadifKenya

Welcome to CadifKenya, a part of the humanitarian organization fighting global poverty. CadifKenya is dedicated to helping poor children, youths and pro-poor communities in Kenya and their families.

CadifKenya is up to provide you with professional assistance, facilitation, information and advice if you are a local or a foreign investor seeking to establish a new investment or expand your existing investments in Kenya.

CadifKenya will also provide you with free information of business and investment opportunities in Kenya if you are a consultant a researcher or a journalist looking for investment information. Click here for more information.

Background information. Cadif Global Network is geographical vision to serve the global village and we are working to cover major part of the world. Currently we are working as CadifKenya which is a community based organization registered in Kenya under society Act with the mission to facilitate sustainable Socio-Economic development in pro-poor slum areas of the Great Horns of Africa, Lake Victoria Basin and its catchment's area. Read more >>

Program and services. We have a number of program along the lake region. Get involved >>

Online Library. Our online library aims to disseminate information generated by Cadifkenya make use of modern technology to identify & provide access to various information generated from various sources within Africa and globally. Click here >>

Our Orphans need you. Just peace follows the lives of orphan children in Kenya. Their experiences of conflict and hopes for a peaceful future are set within the context of the peace process and their future is in your kind heart. Read more >>

Help Women and youth to invest in entrepreneurship. Our Program is based on a commercially viable and socially responsible model which main objective is to address the challenges faced by smallholder farmers and both aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs in Kenya. The challenges include: access to credit, availability of agricultural inputs and technical expertise and quality control. The project therefore aims to increase the income of the our target group in a sustainable manner. Full Story...

Donate. When you donate to CadifKenya, you donate to people. Whether you are supporting an orphan, economical empowqerement, helping someone access water or healthcare, be sure you are empowering people across the African continent. Please donate to CadifKenya >>

Latest news. Click here to read latest news from CadifKenya >>
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